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run-as-fast-as-you-can-deactiva asked: i absolutely love everything you blog!

Thank you so much! 

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getfuckingusedtoit asked: I used to hate glitter, it would get everywhere. But I have a really good friend, practically a best friend, and she loves glitter, it makes her happy when she's sad and can just make her smile on a bad day. So now every time I see glitter, i think of my amazing friend and her quirky little way of cheering up, so i love your tumblr, because It has glitter on it, one of my new favourite things, and it reminds me that good can come from the anything, and i think that in itself is beautiful. So thank you, I love your tumblr xxx

Thank you for this, it’s so sweet. We’re glad you like our Tumblr. :)

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